In this glorious return to form during the great pandemic of '20, the monks sat down and shared their thoughts on how creativity can drive a man mad, how technology enables us to do the big dumb dumb all the time, and how we may all need an existential crisis every now and then to stay sharp. Of course, none of it makes sense. But it's all a lot of fun! Actually wait...

So, plot! What is it? How did it get there? Have you lost it? Luckily, we sort-of-half-have an idea of the answers to some of these questions! This is #monksgang and the day has arrived when the airwaves will be irreconcilably stained by the presence of part 2 of our storytelling series. Get the cat in the microwave and the popcorn burning and prop the fire up on your lap, it's gonna be a brainy one. 

Salutations comrades! In this first installment of our five part starytelling series we talk about the basic ideas that act as the inspirational spark for a writer (character relationships, world building), and take the first horrific steps towards generating our own nightmare-fuel fictional hellscape; communist orcworld.

Greetings compadres, this weeks the monks got down and dirty with Charlie Chaplin and his time on America's naughty step and dissected HBO's new TV take on Alan Moore's classic comic book Watchmen! Enjoy!!!

Hello there children. This week the monks had the pleasure of interviewing five time Emmy award nominated puppeteer and criminal consultant, John Ethan Charleston. We taked about the perils of wardrobe malfunctions in the workplace, the imminent rise of the sadboi machines and Elon Musk's piss drenched fleet of tesla taxis soon to be roaming the streets of San Francisco mowing down drunks and racoons alike. Enjoy!!!

Wagwan brethren, this week the Monks returned from a disappointingly riot free trip to the city of Barcelona and immediately sat down to talk about a violence riddled movie, "Joker"! We talked about what we liked and didn't, briefly discussed some of the finer points of the film's psychology (badly) and compared Joaquin Phoenix's turn as the clown prince of crime with that of his predecessors. Enjoy!

Greetings friends, and thanks for tuning in, or at least reading the f*****g description, you crafty dogs! This week the monks reflected on the points of last week's podcast and subsequently came to discuss the damaging nature of social media (again) and then to contemplate all of our dooms in the fiery clutches of climate change. Enjoy!

What's up fellow spooky bois. This week our intrepid heroes delved deep into the psyche of a one master James Hogan in an attempt to piece together the puzzle of his missing genre: the so called "Badass Horror". They discussed the music, worldbuilding and character design that would make this genre tick, and used some of the lessons learned along the way to piece together some wisdom. Also, at some point Mykola farts (ha). Enjoy!!!

Greetings fellow sentient beings! During this cycle of employment and subsequent relaxation, the monks decided to rant for excessive amounts of time about one of their favourite time wasters, the infamous Rick and Morty! They played a game of Roy (with very mixed and sometimes horrifying results) and then launched head on into the show's philosophy. Enjoy!

Salutations fellow believers in the great, flying lasagna lord, and thank you for blessing us up with your sacred presence. On this 32nd foray into the world of podcasting, the monks lament with sorrow and joy their return to university and then promptly engage in a lengthy lecture about the nature of intelligence. Spread the fairly-alright-not-too-bad-news!!!

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